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Attract talent and save on healthcare by providing your employees with a dedicated care team.

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Connect Your Employees with a Better Healthcare Experience

Your employees will be assigned a dedicated team of medical professionals to tend to all of their essential health needs.

A Doctor

A Doctor

Your employees will have access to their doctor in-person, over video, and via chat

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A Therapist

A Therapist

Your team can access therapy to address stress, depression, grief, and more

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A Dietitian

A Dietitian

We provide nutritional guidance for employees’ specific circumstances.

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Benefits Concierge

Benefits Concierge

We’ll help your employees find additional in-network care that fits their needs

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3m 11s

Average response
time for doctor chat


Time between booking
and seeing our doctor

How Radish Health Helps You

We’ll keep your team healthy and improve productivity while cutting healthcare costs by providing convenient care your employees need.

Improve Employee Health

Connecting your staff with accessible, in-network care can improve their health

Save on Healthcare Costs

Fewer visits to urgent care and the ER will help lower your insurance premiums

Boost Your Productivity

Your team will experience less work interruption with our virtual appointments

Medical Advisory for Leadership

We provide leadership with advice for pandemic care, return-to-office, and organizational health

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Provide a valuable benefit that helps you with recruiting and retaining the talent you need

Provide benefits education

Refer employees’ health insurance questions and concerns to our concierge team

“I am truly grateful for Radish Health. This has been a life-changing experience for me. I’m a single mom with 2 jobs and have very little time for my health. Thank you for all you do at Radish and helping me take care of my health the way I need to.”

Cassandra D'Amore

Town of Babylon employee

“I can easily say that Radish Health is amazing! I loved partnering on our annual flu shot and physical offering; we had more than 65% participation and so much positive feedback from the team.”

Catie Case

People, Culture, and Events at Cadre

“Radish made it simple and painless to follow up with my doctor. It took just a few minutes, and saved me all the headache of scheduling an appointment and missing work.”

Alex Bargar

VP at Simple Health

“The services are very accessible every time you check in. It’s really comforting to know that I have all of these resources in one place.”

Helene Linden

Town of Babylon employee

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