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Stella Gandhi, MD • 15 Mar 2023

What You Need to Know About Birth Control

With so many options available, finding the right birth control can feel overwhelming at times. Let’s break it down to the basics and answer your questions about one of the most commonly prescribed medications!

Dr. McGinn & Dr. Sellers • 14 Mar 2023

Talking to Your Doctor About Mental Health

Talking about mental health is just as important as checking your blood pressure, and one can even affect the other! Let’s explore how prioritizing this discussion during your annual physical can help improve your physical and overall health!

Stella Gandhi, MD • 6 Mar 2023

Spring Forward With a Pep in Your Step

Every spring we set the clocks forward, losing an hour of sleep in the process but gaining an hour of sunlight each day afterwards. Let’s review the positive and negative health effects of this yearly change and what we can do to make the transition easier!

Jason Sellers, MD • 25 Feb 2023

When Should You Worry About Chest Pain?

Chest pain can be a frightening symptom, but it can also be caused by a variety of different conditions. Today we will discuss the possible causes of chest pain, as well as when it is important to seek medical attention.

Jason Sellers, MD • 8 Feb 2023

Show Your Heart Some Love For Valentine’s Day

February marks American Heart Month, a crucial opportunity to focus on improving our cardiovascular well-being and adopting healthier habits for a brighter future!

Leah Cantor • 31 Jan 2023

Fun Facts About Dr. Stella Gandhi!

We sat down for an interview with Dr. Stella Gandhi to learn more about her life outside of work, what she enjoys doing in her free time, and what drove her to become a doctor. See what she had to say below!

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