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Virtual Care is no longer a “non-traditional benefit.” Radish is an essential component of our clients’ healthcare experience and cost-savings strategy.

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How Radish Health Helps You

Radish ensures your clients have access to convenient and comprehensive medical and mental health care whenever and wherever they need it.

Dedicated Service & Support

Our dedicated support model means our partners and their clients have direct access to our team and any potential issues are resolved quickly.

Simple Implementation

Simply provide our team with the enrollment information and we handle the rest.

Better Member Experience

The average response time from your physician is 15 minutes. Guaranteed same day virtual visits with your doctor, not just any doctor.

Cost Savings

Our flexible pricing solutions allow us to fit into any healthcare funding strategy and ensure your clients realize an ROI from our high utilization.


Radish provides detailed monthly utilization reporting to our broker partners.

TPA Integrations

Our creative billing options will make administration simple for your self-funded clients.

How Is Radish Care Different?

We're different which is why our results are different.

Learn more about how we consistently achieve over 20% utilization in year one with our clients.

VPC Radish Care
24/7 Access to doctor
24/7 Access to "YOUR" doctor
Acute Health Issues
Chronic Health Issues
Annual Physicals
Referral Management
Concierge Scheduling & Reminders
Wholesale Imaging
Surgery/Hospital Navigation
Follow-up ?
Virtual Therapy ?
Holistic/Mental Health Care
Flexible Employer / TPA Billing
No Copay
In App Medical Records

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“I am truly grateful for Radish Health. This has been a life-changing experience for me. I’m a single mom with 2 jobs and have very little time for my health. Thank you for all you do at Radish and helping me take care of my health the way I need to.”

Cassandra D'Amore

Town of Babylon employee

“I can easily say that Radish Health is amazing! I loved partnering on our annual flu shot and physical offering; we had more than 65% participation and so much positive feedback from the team.”

Catie Case

People, Culture, and Events at Cadre

“Radish made it simple and painless to follow up with my doctor. It took just a few minutes, and saved me all the headache of scheduling an appointment and missing work.”

Alex Bargar

VP at Simple Health

“The services are very accessible every time you check in. It’s really comforting to know that I have all of these resources in one place.”

Helene Linden

Town of Babylon employee

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