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Tailored Healthcare Solutions for Your Clients

Deliver a virtual-first, doctor in the family experience to your clients, enhanced by onsite clinics at their workplace.

Client Satisfaction & Retention

Radish goes beyond expectations, delivering exceptional healthcare service through high-quality, convenient, and accessible care that establishes trust and boosts employee engagement. Our commitment to client and employee satisfaction n as well as increased utilization of healthcare services, solidifying Radish as a valuable partner for brokers.

Informed Health Plan Decision Making

By leveraging health plan information and design data, our doctors empower employees to make informed decisions about their health plan usage for maximum benefits and savings.

Effortless Implementation & Management

Radish Health streamlines the implementation and management process for brokers through seamless integration with HRIS, payroll systems, and Benefits Administration platforms. Our user-friendly technology ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing your clients to efficiently incorporate and manage healthcare solutions within their existing infrastructure.

Proactive Care Navigation

With our robust care navigation, Radish actively helps your clients save downstream costs by proactively managing health issues and guiding employees to appropriate care. By addressing health concerns early, we reduce the need for extensive and costly interventions, providing a trustworthy and affordable healthcare solution.

Integrated Pharmacy Services

Radish Health seamlessly integrates with PBMs and other pharmacy services to minimize prescription costs. Our dedication to affordability ensures that medication solutions are not only effective but also cost-efficient, contributing to overall plan affordability and sustainability.

Comprehensive Reporting

Your clients gain invaluable insights into utilization and clinical outcomes, while maintaining patient privacy, facilitating data-driven decisions that enhance the effectiveness of their employee benefits programs.

Immediate In-App Messaging

In the time it takes to search WebMD for symptoms, your clients could be texting with a doctor who knows them and their history. Like having a family member who just so happens to be a doctor, your Radish Physician can provide care and answer questions in just a few minutes – saving both patients time and your clients money.

Quick to Implement and Easy to Use

We make it easy to onboard new clients and provide immediate support to ensure ongoing success.


Once we receive the employee census and health plan information, Radish can officially launch with personalized enrollment support to ensure a smooth and timely transition.


Radish provides continuous support with patient communication and ongoing reporting to help facilitate improvement in employee health and overall experience.


Radish integrates with payroll and benefits administration systems to simplify ongoing eligibility checks and ensure a seamless experience for both employers and employees.

“This is my first time doing telemedicine and I can’t believe how convenient it is! I really appreciate it.”

Fair Harbor employee

“Dr. Sellers is just a wonderful doctor. He listens, cares and suggests different things.”

Town of Babylon employee

“I find that I am speaking to a human, not just a professional, who listens and engages in forward movement.”

Union Square Hospitality Group employee

“I didn’t want to wait at my doctor’s office with other sick patients. This was such a convenience, and I truly appreciate it!”

Town of Babylon employee

“This has been so much easier than missing work and having to make a appointment to the doctor’s office and all the traveling around to get everything done thank you so much.”

Steves Doors employee

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