Medical Care Your Employees Will Love

Our personalized care is designed for convenience and quality with a concierge touch. We save our patients time and money while helping them improve their health.

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Primary Care

All our patients are provided with an experienced, consistent primary care physician to tend to their regular health needs, from annual physicals to ordering prescriptions. They can:

  • Book appointments on their schedule
  • Order blood work, prescription refills, and more
  • Avoid the cost of going to urgent care or the ER

Mental Health Services

We provide our patients with access to licensed therapists that are in-network and available on their schedule to talk through feelings and discuss their mental and emotional concerns. They can:

  • Get help that fits their needs and schedule
  • Pay just one copay per month
  • Talk things out where and when they’re comfortable

Nutrition Counseling

Our licensed dietitians can provide your employees with advice on eating a healthy diet, whether it’s for a medical need or a personal goal. They can:

  • Build meal plans that fit their tastes and needs
  • Get guidance on a healthy diet for chronic conditions
  • Receive coaching for hitting healthy weight goals

Benefits Education

If our patients need additional care from a specialist or a hospital, we advise them on finding local, in-network providers that can meet their needs. They can:

  • Save time searching for specialists in your network
  • Avoid surprise medical bills from out-of-network providers
  • Get the most out of their health insurance plan

Chat with a Doctor

Our patients can directly connect to our medical providers over chat to ask questions, get advice, and even request care. They can:

  • Access medical services anywhere, anytime
  • Save time by asking questions directly, no appointment needed
  • Get help live or asynchronously

Workplace Clinics

For participating clients, we can provide their teams with the smoothest, fastest in-person medical appointments on the market, providing them with flu shots, physicals, and more.

  • Onsite clinics optimized for minimal work interruption
  • No paperwork, no waiting rooms – just care
  • Appointments available in advance and for walk-ins

Pandemic Care & Safety

Radish Health helps keep employees working safely throughout the pandemic, providing them with testing, vaccinations, and COVID-related care. They can access:

  • Medical advisory for safe operations
  • At-home tests for employees’ convenience and safety
  • Guidance provided for positive cases and exposures

“I am truly grateful for Radish Health. This has been a life-changing experience for me. I’m a single mom with 2 jobs and have very little time for my health. Thank you for all you do at Radish and helping me take care of my health the way I need to.”

Cassandra D'Amore

Town of Babylon employee

“I can easily say that Radish Health is amazing! I loved partnering on our annual flu shot and physical offering; we had more than 65% participation and so much positive feedback from the team.”

Catie Case

People, Culture, and Events at Cadre

“Radish made it simple and painless to follow up with my doctor. It took just a few minutes, and saved me all the headache of scheduling an appointment and missing work.”

Alex Bargar

VP at Simple Health

“The services are very accessible every time you check in. It’s really comforting to know that I have all of these resources in one place.”

Helene Linden

Town of Babylon employee

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