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Dr. Jason Sellers • 2 Mar 2022

UTIs: Diagnosing, Treating, and Preventing

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are very common and infect millions of women each year. Learn how to diagnose, treat, and prevent UTIs and save yourself a lot of pain.

Dr. Jason Sellers • 16 Feb 2022

When to Screen for the 5 Most Common Forms of Cancer

When it comes to cancer, knowing your risks and early detection make the best defense. Here are the common risk factors and screening guidelines for the 5 most common forms of cancer.

Dr. Roshini Malaney • 14 Feb 2022

Living a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

For American Heart Month, we want our patients to know the major factors that affect heart health and how to live a heart-healthy life.

Dr. Jason Sellers • 10 Feb 2022

6 Healthy Ways to Exercise Without the Gym

Working out at the gym can be difficult for people avoiding exposure to COVID-19. Here are a handful of alternatives for people looking to exercise outside the gym without risking their health.

Dr. Jason Sellers • 6 Feb 2022

Coping With Seasonal Affective Disorder

As winter rolls in and temperatures drop, it’s common for this change in season to affect our moods in negative ways. It’s helpful to understand how to recognize how seasonal affective disorder works to find the best ways to treat it.

Jonathan Goodwin • 28 Dec 2021

Here’s How the Updated CDC Guidelines Work

The previous standard for 10-day isolation periods if you’ve been exposed to or infected with COVID-19 have been updated by the CDC to a shorter, but more nuanced system. Be sure to know the guidelines to stop the spread!

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