Choose Wisely: Call Radish First


Jason Sellers, MD

In times of medical uncertainty, it’s natural to feel the urge to rush to urgent care or the emergency room. However, there’s an alternative that has better outcomes: opening up the Radish app and texting your Radish doctor! This seemingly simple step can save you time, money, and even provide you with more comprehensive care.

When you’re not sure where to go for a medical concern, contact your Radish doctor first! You’ll receive a response in minutes (or seconds!) and will have a comprehensive care plan even before you’d start waiting in line at urgent care or the emergency room. Let’s delve into all the advantages of turning to Radish for your care.

Personalized Care and Continuity

Your Radish doctor knows you and your medical history intimately. This familiarity enables them to offer tailored advice and treatment options that consider your overall health and pre-existing conditions. By contacting your Radish doctor, you’re ensuring that your medical decisions align with your long-term health goals and ongoing care plan.

Better Use of Resources

Emergency rooms and urgent care centers are designed to handle critical cases and severe injuries. By consulting your Radish doctor first, you are contributing to the more efficient use of resources. If your condition is not life-threatening or urgent, you can save space and time for those who truly need immediate in-person attention.

Cost Savings

Emergency room visits can be notoriously expensive due to their specialized nature. In contrast, consulting your Radish doctor is included in your Radish membership! And if your Radish doctor refers you to in-person care, they can confirm that the appropriate treatments, tests, or referrals are both necessary and in-network with insurance.

Timely Guidance

Medical concerns don’t always arise as predicted. Fortunately, your Radish doctor is accessible within minutes via chat on the Radish app, like having a doctor in the family. You can receive timely guidance, sparing you from unnecessary worry or an unwarranted trip to the emergency room or urgent care.

Preventive Measures and General Wellness

Your Radish doctor focuses not only on immediate issues but also on your overall well-being. Regular visits to your doctor facilitate preventive care and early detection of potential health problems. By maintaining a strong relationship with your Radish doctor, you’re setting the stage for better long-term health management.

Avoiding Overuse of Antibiotics

Unnecessary prescriptions, especially antibiotics, can lead to antibiotic resistance and other complications. Your Radish doctor’s familiarity with your medical history allows them to make informed decisions about medications, reducing the risk of overprescribing and potential adverse effects.

Reduced Wait Times

Emergency rooms and urgent care facilities can become crowded, leading to prolonged wait times. By consulting your Radish doctor, you could receive advice that alleviates your condition without having to endure long hours in a waiting room and exposure to other sick patients.

While emergency rooms and urgent care centers play crucial roles in handling serious medical situations, they may not always be the best first step for every health concern. By contacting your Radish doctor first, you can tap into a wealth of personalized knowledge, efficient guidance, and preventive care measures that contribute to your overall health journey. Your Radish doctor is available at your fingertips and is your medical partner to guide you through the vast landscape of healthcare options and make the best decisions for your well-being. Feel free to reach out anytime!

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