Get Your Annual Physical At Home


Jason Sellers, MD

Did you know that you can get your annual physical from the comfort of home? Radish Health is revolutionizing health care and making it even easier to start checking off your New Year’s resolutions!

Why do I need an annual physical?

No matter how old you are or how many medical conditions you have, an annual physical is an important part of making sure you are up to date with your health and getting all the care that is recommended.

Who needs an annual physical?

If you don’t have any medical concerns, we’ll make sure that you are up to date with preventive care so nothing new develops. If you do have medical issues but don’t see a doctor, we’ll get you back on track. And if you have multiple concerns and see mostly specialists, consider getting in touch with a primary care doctor to help coordinate care and make sure you’re not missing out on important health screenings that specialists often look over.

Why should I get my annual physical virtually?

A virtual physical is easy and convenient.

You can do it from home, work, your car, or wherever is convenient to you. Especially if it’s been some time since you’ve seen the doctor, this conversation can be invaluable for your health. As part of your physical we will send you a free home health kit to measure blood pressure from home, which in many cases is more accurate than measuring it in the doctor’s office.

A virtual physical helps get you established with a primary care doctor.

Someone who knows your medical history and can help out when you need it. We’re hoping that 2023 will be a healthy and successful year, but sometimes things happen. If you catch a nasty virus, need a prescription medication, or would like a specialist referral, having a relationship with a doctor who knows you makes it so much easier.

A virtual physical brings the focus back to preventive health.

Throughout our medical training we’re taught that the most important part of a medical visit is the conversation. Just a short discussion can highlight key aspects of your health to prevent issues down the road – for example maintaining a healthy weight, making sure you’re seeing a dentist regularly, and screening for mental health concerns.

Where can I get started?

Simply log into the Radish app and schedule a virtual physical with either me or Dr. Gandhi to start the New Year off right and make a plan to address those health and wellness resolutions. We look forward to getting to know you!

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