Having a Doctor in the Family


Stella Gandhi, MD

In many ways Radish Health started with the idea of providing medical care in the same convenient and trustworthy way as if you had a “Doctor in the Family.” What does that mean, exactly?

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Having a doctor in the family can be extremely helpful when it comes to understanding your lab results, having a prescription called in, or getting advice on your health concerns.

What are the benefits of having a doctor in the family?

  • They are a trusted confidant.
  • They know and understand you.
  • They are there for you and always accessible.
  • They are invested in you as a person and your health.
  • They improve your health and longevity.

How is Radish Health like having a doctor in the family?

We are a trusted confidant: your physician is a board-certified doctor, and more importantly, a friendly human being who you can feel comfortable talking to about anything.

We know and understand you: with Radish, you will always have access to the same doctor and therapist, whether it’s urgent care for your sinus infection, primary care for your high blood pressure and asthma, or mental health care.

We are there for you: you can chat with us the same way you chat with your uncle who’s a doctor. Send us a quick request for your inhaler refill or ask us about that funky rash, and we’ll get back to you in minutes with an answer.

We are invested in you: as a primary care practice, we want to help you achieve your goals, both in physical health and mental health. Schedule a physical with us and talk about everything going on in your life, not just your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

We improve your longevity: with a focus on prevention, we are here to help you be the best you can be, and have the best health you can have.

It really is great having a doctor in the family!

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have a trusted confidant available to you this holiday season and beyond. At Radish Health we are invested in your health and are happy to treat you both here and now, as well as over the years to come. If you need any medical care, feel free to log on to the app, book an appointment and your Radish doctor will see you soon!

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