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Jason Sellers, MD

Radish Health continues to revolutionize your healthcare experience by providing same-day specialist consultations facilitated by your Radish doctor. Don’t wait for months to get in with your dermatologist for that rash – simply chat with your Radish doctor and get an expert-informed personalized treatment plan today!

If you wake up this morning with a rash across your chest, your first thought should be to call your primary care physician (PCP). However, in the traditional path to getting healthcare, the process may be lengthy. You may have to wait days or even weeks to get that appointment with your PCP. Once the appointment is secured you may receive a prescription for a steroid cream, but this treatment might not always be effective, leading to additional frustration. To exacerbate matters, a referral to a dermatologist can result in yet another prolonged waiting period – sometimes up to several months.

Enter Radish Health, the virtual primary care practice that is reshaping this narrative. Here’s how our approach sets us apart from your traditional PCP practice:

  1. Same-Day Consultations: With Radish Health, the days of waiting for a PCP appointment are over. You can schedule a same-day virtual consultation with your Radish doctor, or better yet, send a chat in the app and get an answer from your doctor within minutes!
  2. Real-Time Specialist Consultations: We take a proactive approach to your medical concerns by enabling your Radish doctor to consult with a dermatologist or other specialist in real-time. This dynamic collaboration ensures that you receive an expert opinion quickly, leading to a quicker and more accurate diagnosis. It also saves you the cost of a specialist visit!
  3. Efficient Treatment Plans: Armed with insights from our specialist partners, your Radish Health doctor will promptly provide a tailored treatment plan. This avoids the frustration of ineffective treatments and reduces the need for multiple follow-up appointments.
  4. Rapid Resolution: By the end of the day, you can expect answers and a clear path forward in managing your health concern, whether it’s a rash or something else. This rapid resolution not only alleviates anxiety but also accelerates the healing process.
  5. Seamless Referrals: If you need an in-person consultation with the specialist, Radish Health streamlines the referral process. We’ll find you the quickest appointment possible with a quality specialist who is in-network with your insurance. No need to call your insurance company and all your local dermatology offices, we’ve got you covered!

Radish Health’s innovative model not only addresses the immediate needs of our patients but also emphasizes collaboration among healthcare professionals. By bridging the gap between primary care and specialized services, Radish Health ensures that your concerns will be addressed quickly and seamlessly by experts in the field. Feel free to chat with your Radish doctor now to find out more about how we can help!

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