Workplace Clinics Make Healthcare Convenient and Accessible


Jonathan Goodwin

Radish Health offers workplace clinics to our clients and patients, making healthcare convenient and removing the normal burdens of seeking care.

The pandemic caused many people to delay seeking medical care, even as workplaces sought to reopen and restore a sense of normalcy for their employees.

Prior to the pandemic, wait times for a doctor’s appointment in 15 major US cities hit an average of 24 days for commonly used specialty physicians, up from 18.5 days in 2014. In the Boston area, it took 109 days just to see a family physician.

On top of these delays, the average doctor’s appointment consumes at least 121 minutes, all for maybe 20 minutes of interaction with the physician. In some areas, the total time committed by patients to a single visit could reach 4 hours when factoring in traffic and filling a prescription.

All of these delays serve to cost patients precious time, money, paid time off (PTO), and harm their health outcomes, while employers lose productivity from workday interruptions and higher instances of employee sick leave.

That’s why the Radish Health team launched workplace clinics to solve for this deadweight loss for patients and employers.

Convenience Is Key

Earlier this year, we launched workplace clinics that put a premium on convenience both for our clients and patients, including the Town of Babylon, the Town of Brookhaven, Union Square Hospitality Group, and the Town of Smithtown.

Patients are able to book appointments on the app, check in with a Radish Health staffer, and receive care from our medical team in a private, comfortable setting that’s spitting distance from their workstation. Our clinics offer COVID vaccines & boosters, flu shots, COVID tests, and physical exams, so our patients don’t need to spend time and energy looking for these health resources in a generally crowded environment.

“I was able to get a flu shot without leaving my meeting!” – USHG staff member

Our clients’ employees are able to complete their appointments, often in less than 15 minutes, without taking PTO, getting stuck in traffic, or filling out the same paperwork for the millionth time.

“The services are very accessible every time you check in. It’s really comforting to know that I have all of these resources in one place.” – Helene Linden, Town of Babylon

For our clients at the Towns of Brookhaven and Babylon, we’re delivering COVID-19 vaccine booster shots, connecting them with a much-needed resource that’s not otherwise widely available in their area, ensuring they can continue working safely despite the presence of the Delta and Omicron variants.

Our workplace clinics are incredibly popular with our patients and clients, and it’s proof that healthcare can be convenient and such convenience can boost utilization and improve health outcomes without imposing steep costs on patients or their employers.

If you’re interested in exploring workplace clinics for your team, scroll down to fill out our contact form or just book a meeting directly with our team.

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