Your Annual Physical Is More Than Just Shots


Dr. Jason Sellers

We recently talked about the new Radish Health Checklist which is based on the USPSTF recommendations for preventive health. Today we’d like to apply this information to one of the most important medical visits of the year: your annual physical!

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What is an annual physical?

As a family physician, the annual physical is near and dear to my heart. It is a chance for patients to check in and discuss anything and everything affecting their health. For some this may be a run down of current health conditions, and for others questions on staying well.

In all physicals, we review things like family history, diet and exercise, smoking and alcohol use, sleep and mental health – all of which can affect your day to day wellbeing. Taking the time to talk about this now can help prevent health issues from popping up down the road.

I feel totally fine, why do I need a physical?

Prevention is the name of the game in family medicine! Even if you are feeling fine, a quick 30 minute discussion can help elucidate many ways to keep the good health rolling.

For example, if you have a family history of high cholesterol it may be helpful to check your levels to support heart health. If you have difficulty sleeping at night, a few quick tips could help you feel more refreshed in the morning. Or if chronic stress is chipping away at your mental health, we can discuss ways to cope and improve your quality of life.

I see specialists regularly, why do I need a PCP?

If you have health conditions for which you see specialists, it’s important to see a primary care doctor as well to help coordinate your care and make sure you are getting your age and gender specific screenings that specialists often look over.

Are you over 45 and haven’t had colon cancer screening? Or do you have a chronic health condition like diabetes or asthma and haven’t had an adult pneumonia vaccine? These are just a few of the basic screenings we cover in your annual physical. We can also order blood work and consult with a wide range of specialists without even having to refer you directly!

When is the best time to schedule?

There’s no better time than the present. As we enter the cold and flu season, get a check up on your health, and get your flu shot and COVID booster while you’re at it! Book a virtual or onsite physical with your Radish doctor.

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