How bringing care in-house drives healthier employees and improves the bottom line

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Steves Doors, a family-owned business in San Antonio, has always prided itself on offering great benefits to its employees. However, great medical benefits don’t always mean employees get great care.

Manufacturing employees at Steves often work long days and have little time to get to the doctor — even when they’re sick. When employees do find the time, they often have to take PTO in order to address basic medical needs. This has not only presented a cultural problem for Steves Doors, it has also slowed down production anytime someone has had to leave. As a self-insured employer, Steves has also long been concerned that its employees’ lack of engagement with medical care meant they would be surprised with large medical claims due to unaddressed underlying medical conditions.


Steves knew they needed to make it easier for employees to get medical care in a way that was less disruptive to both their PTO banks and the production line. They wanted to build an onsite clinic, but did not have the budget for a full buildout. The company also knew virtual care could be a solution, but didn’t want to deal with multiple vendors and needed something more than urgent care that could address ongoing chronic conditions like diabetes.


  1. Increase engagement: Steves Doors wanted more employees to get necessary medical care that was going unaddressed — from annual physicals to better management and oversight of chronic conditions.
  2. Limit disruption: Steves believed that employees could receive great care while also not impacting the production line.

The Solution

Enter Radish Health.

Radish Health provides employees with easy access to quality care. Their digital-first platform and dedicated team of physicians and therapists bring together the best of sick care with the most proactive wellcare to deliver an all-in-one solution that reduces the overall cost of your plan while optimizing engagement.

Radish Health worked with Steves to create a less disruptive, custom mix of virtual and in-person care options for its employees:

Virtual Care:

  • 24-hour access to dedicated primary care physicians
  • Text-with-doctor capabilities
  • Same-day scheduling for sick or well visits
  • Online medical records and lab results
  • Conveniently integrated partnership with Quest Diagnostics for an necessary bloodwork and testing

Onsite Care:

  • Dedicated medical assistant to see employee patients at the manufacturing facility
  • Two days per week availability
  • Fully capable medical office for sick care, well care, blood work, vaccines, etc.
  • Medical oversight provided virtually by a primary care physician

The Results

By making it easier for employees to get quality care, the company has provided employees with an opportunity to address underlying chronic conditions and get the care they need. Additionally, they have reduced their number of emergency room visits while also increasing productivity as employees no longer need to leave work or take PTO in order to get medical care. It’s a win-win-win for productivity, engagement, and outcomes.

I appreciate the ease of use, the helpful info from Dr. Sellers, and the info about all the available services that Radish provides us as employees. We really are lucky here at Steves to be on this health program. I plan on taking full advantage of this plan in order to get up to date with my health going forward. I’m completely satisfied and really looking forward to having Dr. Sellers as my PCP.”

Steves Doors Employee

The doctor is really helpful and knowledgeable. And the app is so easy to use.”

Steves Doors Employee

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