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Website Planet • 2 Apr 2024

Revolutionizing Employee Healthcare: Vision of Compassion and Innovation with Radish Health

Unveil the inspirational journey of Radish Health, a transformative venture reshaping healthcare. Discover a vision that brings familial warmth and empathy into the professional sphere. Explore a visionary perspective shaping the future of compassionate healthcare.

Genesys Health • 22 Feb 2023

The Benefit Summary Episode 3 with Viral Patel CEO of Radish

Viral and Matt dive into Radish and discuss how the virtual primary care model works, the Radish customer centric model, creating a relationship through a dedicated primary care provider that can better guide employees and their dependent through the care maze that is the US healthcare system.

BenefitsPRO • 8 Feb 2023

Reimagining primary care through relationship-based technology

We can both lower costs and improve patient outcomes by going back to the roots of primary care and leveraging technology to allow improved, more flexible access to patients.

Radish Health • 25 Jan 2023

The Evolution of Telemedicine and Insight into Its Future

How Radish Care is taking virtual primary care to a whole new level.

Authority Magazine • 11 Jan 2023

Dr. Viral Patel of Radish Health On 5 Things We Need To Do To Improve The US Healthcare System

Reduce physician burnout and the physician shortage by finding ways to for doctors to spend more time with patients. When doctors can devote more of their time to patient care and relationships, doctors are happier, and their patients are happier, too.

Press Release • 2 Dec 2022

Radish Health Partners with Two Westchester County Municipal Governments to Support Health Outcomes

More than 200 employees across the two municipal governments will have access to primary care, mental health and nutritional coaching

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