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A radically different approach to employee health and wellness.

If you designed healthcare, things would be different. It would be convenient, seamless, proactive and effective – like having a doctor in the family.

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With Radish, your first call is with your board-certified physician – whether it’s for medical care or for help navigating the healthcare system. Don’t google your medical questions or go to an urgent care doctor you don’t know – let your Radish doctor simplify your healthcare experience.

Virtual Primary & Urgent Care

Virtual Primary & Urgent Care

Text your doctor or book a scheduled visit. From managing an acute or chronic illness to getting your annual physical, Radish is your first step getting care - no matter how big or small the need.

Care Navigation & Advocacy

Care Navigation & Advocacy

Your doctor goes above and beyond just treating patients. With help from your care team, they also help navigate and simplify the healthcare system - saving patients and employers time and money.

Onsite Visits*

Onsite Visits*

Our virtual experience can be augmented using technology and an onsite Radish nurse to add additional services like bloodwork, vaccine administration and performing first aid. This provides even more convenient access to care, reduces time off from work and gets employees healthier, faster.

Virtual Mental Health*

Virtual Mental Health*

Combined with a Radish physician, we provide fully integrated mental health services to take a holistic approach to mental health. Our licensed therapists provide counseling to treat anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma/conflict, LGBTQIA+ matters, grief, & more.

* Optional service add-ons

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How Radish Benefits You

At Radish Health, we’re not just a healthcare solution; we’re your dedicated partner in navigating our healthcare system. We provide convenient care without compromising quality.


  • Receive a “doctor in the family” experience for medical care, navigation and advocacy
  • Access easy-to-use on-demand medical care
  • Get quality answers to medical questions in minutes – from prescription refills to specialist referrals and everything in between
  • Save money with no out-of-pocket expenses
  • Save hours of time by not traveling to a doctor’s office or urgent care


  • Lower claims costs and reduce expenses
  • Enhance productivity with a healthier workforce and reduced time tending to medical needs
  • Attract and retain a loyal workforce with higher engagement by optimizing employee well-being through a comprehensive health and wellness strategy
  • Decrease absenteeism through proactive health management

Benefit Consultants/Brokers

  • Provide a customizable cost containment tool with easy implementation and ongoing integration
  • Provide clients with a physician that understands this unique benefit to save both time and money
  • Offer new and potential clients a holistic approach to rising renewals with a cost effective solution for onsite clinics in the mid-market space

A Radically Different Healthcare Experience

At Radish, we redefine healthcare by prioritizing personalized relationships, seamless communication, and tailoring solutions to meet your unique needs.

Your Personal Care Team

Build a lasting relationship with your Radish doctor who gets to know you and your unique health history. Paired closely with your care navigators they can give you expert medical guidance and help navigate the complexities of healthcare.

Omnichannel Access

Connect with your doctor the way that suits you best. Whether it’s a quick text for minor concerns or scheduling a planned appointment we allow you to communicate with your doctor the same way you would a family member.

Tailored Solutions for You

No two clients are the same, and neither are their healthcare needs. Radish offers a customizable solution, allowing you to choose between virtual-only services or on-site clinics. We adapt to fit your unique cultural and cost requirements.

Discover healthcare that goes beyond the ordinary – discover Radish Health.

“This is my first time doing telemedicine and I can’t believe how convenient it is! I really appreciate it.”

Fair Harbor employee

“Dr. Sellers is just a wonderful doctor. He listens, cares and suggests different things.”

Town of Babylon employee

“I find that I am speaking to a human, not just a professional, who listens and engages in forward movement.”

Union Square Hospitality Group employee

“I didn’t want to wait at my doctor’s office with other sick patients. This was such a convenience, and I truly appreciate it!”

Town of Babylon employee

“This has been so much easier than missing work and having to make a appointment to the doctor’s office and all the traveling around to get everything done thank you so much.”

Steves Doors employee

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