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A family huddled close together with all their faces in frame
Stella Gandhi, MD • 14 Dec 2022

Having a Doctor in the Family

In many ways Radish Health started with the idea of providing medical care in the same convenient and trustworthy way as if you had a “Doctor in the Family.” What does that mean, exactly?

Jason Sellers, MD • 6 Dec 2022

Where to Seek Help: Rash

Our skin protects us from the elements but is also prone to damage such as rashes, burns, and itchiness. Where should you go for help when you notice a new rash suddenly appear?

Close-up of blister packaging for various medications
Dr. Jason Sellers • 21 Nov 2022

Give it a Few More Days

The number of antibiotic-resistant infections and deaths increased by 15% in 2020, making it all the more important to hold off on antibiotics when it’s not necessary, like treating the common cold.

Close-up of a watch face on a pure white background
Dr. Jason Sellers • 4 Nov 2022

Falling Back and Sleeping Soundly

Enjoy that extra hour of sleep, as this may be the last time we “fall back” into standard time. While the extra sleep usually feels like a good thing, it can sometimes be hard to adjust. How can you prepare?

A close-up of a smartphone in a persons hand displaying a list of social media apps
Dr. Megan McGinn • 24 Oct 2022

Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

Many research studies suggest social media is linked to depression, loneliness and anxiety, but what leads to these problems?

A sick looking woman sitting in bed pours some medicine out of a bottle into a spoon
Dr. Stella Gandhi • 19 Oct 2022

Telehealth or Urgent Care: Cold Symptoms

It’s Fall! The time of year when kids go back to school, the leaves change colors and everyone starts getting sick again. It can be hard to tell if those symptoms are due to allergies, a viral infection, or bacterial infection. So where do you go to get help?

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