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A woman seated on a couch talking to someone on a video call on a laptop
Dr. Jason Sellers • 22 Sep 2022

Your Annual Physical Is More Than Just Shots

We recently talked about the new Radish Health Checklist which is based on the USPSTF recommendations for preventive health. Today we’d like to apply this information to one of the most important medical visits of the year: your annual physical!

A close up of a person's arm wearing a blood pressure cuff as they test their blood pressure
Dr. Jason Sellers • 14 Sep 2022

Checking Off Wellness with Radish Health

We are excited to announce the Health Checklist, one of the newest features of the Radish app! This interactive checklist highlights important health recommendations set forth by the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and is a great starting point to get back in touch with your health.

A doctor in a face mask applying a band aid to a face-masked male patient's arm
Dr. Jason Sellers • 8 Sep 2022

Your Monkeypox Questions Answered

As we are all recovering from over two years of pandemic life, the latest monkeypox outbreak has added a new health concern to the mix. However, though we should be cautious and informed on what to watch out for, monkeypox is not another COVID-19.

A woman breathing in deeply in the forest
Dr. Jason Sellers • 31 Aug 2022

Breathing and Mental Health

As we start back into the fall routine, life can quickly get stressful with work deadlines, kids activities, colder temperatures, and fewer hours of sunlight. It’s a perfect time to take a moment to ground ourselves and focus on mental health.

A woman holding a bottle of water and a laptop to her chest
Dr. Jason Sellers • 25 Aug 2022

The Importance of Drinking Water

It’s been an especially hot summer this year, and as the temperatures start to fall, we wanted to take a moment to talk about how staying hydrated is not just for the summer months: it’s a year round thing!

Dr. Stella Gandhi • 9 Aug 2022

Does Obesity Cause Type 2 Diabetes?

Did you know diabetes is known as a silent killer?

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