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Hemant Patel • 28 Nov 2023

Empowering Patient-Centric Personalized Healthcare

Bringing the Family Doctor Experience to Virtual Care Through Agile Technical Operating Models, Prioritizing Patient and Provider Connections.

Viral Patel, MD • 7 Sep 2023

Radically Different, Yet Fundamentally the Same: Redefining Primary Care

When it comes to healthcare, the product that consumers say they want vs. the product that consumers actually receive can be drastically different.

Viral Patel, MD • 24 Aug 2023

The Easier Way To Better Care

As an ex director of a large emergency department and a trained ER doc myself, I will be the first to tell you that your emergency room doctor has no business being your primary care physician.

Jason Sellers, MD • 22 Aug 2023

Choose Wisely: Call Radish First

In times of medical uncertainty, it’s natural to feel the urge to rush to urgent care or the emergency room. However, there’s an alternative that has better outcomes: opening up the Radish app and texting your Radish doctor! This seemingly simple step can save you time, money, and even provide you with more comprehensive care.

Viral Patel, MD • 10 Aug 2023

A Radically Different Renewal Approach

As the summer comes to a close and HR teams and their brokers gear up for January 1st renewals, we’re once again faced with a harsh reality. Despite our best efforts at cost mitigation in last year’s renewal sessions, most employers (and their employees) will see an increase in premiums in 2024. It’s time brokers and HR directors start to think differently about their long-term cost savings strategies.

Stella Gandhi, MD • 11 Apr 2023

How to Beat Spring Allergies

For many, the promise of warmer spring weather, blooming flowers, and chirping birds is offset by the return of allergy season. Fortunately we’ve got some tips to help you overcome those spring allergies and enjoy this wonderful time of year!

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