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A close-up of a smartphone in a persons hand displaying a list of social media apps
Dr. Megan McGinn • 24 Oct 2022

Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

Many research studies suggest social media is linked to depression, loneliness and anxiety, but what leads to these problems?

A woman breathing in deeply in the forest
Dr. Jason Sellers • 31 Aug 2022

Breathing and Mental Health

As we start back into the fall routine, life can quickly get stressful with work deadlines, kids activities, colder temperatures, and fewer hours of sunlight. It’s a perfect time to take a moment to ground ourselves and focus on mental health.

Dr. Megan McGinn • 21 Jul 2022

Watch Now: Tips to manage Conflict

Conflict is a part of life. Whether we like it or not, there are times when the people around us just rub us the wrong way, and there are times when we rub them the wrong way. We sat down with Dr. Megan McGinn to ask some common questions about conflict and discuss how to handle it better.

Dr. Megan McGinn • 11 Jul 2022

How to Manage Conflict at Home and In the Workplace

Scrolling through Twitter today may make it seem like it’s impossible to disagree with someone without a great deal of hostility and divisiveness, but that does not have to be the case! Successful conflict resolution involves understanding the opposing point of view, separating the person from the conflict, and meeting somewhere in the middle.

Sam Dugger • 16 Jun 2022

Fun Facts About Dr. Megan McGinn!

We talked with Dr. Megan McGinn about her life outside of work, what she enjoys doing in her free time, and why she chose to become a psychologist. Check out our conversation below!

Balanced meal with fruits and vegetables
Jonathan Goodwin • 14 Mar 2022

The Connection Between Nutrition and Mental Health

We are what we eat! Nutrition is a crucial component to promoting and maintaining your mental health, so a balanced, nutritious diet is key.

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